Fleet Management

Hertz Bulgaria is not only a Rent A Car Company. 

It is a company devoted on a specific purpose: to help people like you "operate" the fleet of their Company, as easy as possible and at a minimum management and operational cost. As our client, you must be aware that we are the experts in everything we undertake. 

We can run your company fleet safely in the streets, as well as offer solutions for every issue concerning the management of this fleet. 

Hertz Lease Bulgaria, is operating since 1996, under the same management. With a fleet of over 1600 vehicles (under Operational Leasing-Fleet Management), our Company provides the full range of Fleet Management products and has the know-how and the financial means to support any Fleet Management program. 

Our clients database includes many leading multi-national organisations in the computer, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, distribution and services sectors as well as numerous well-known local businesses. 

We cater for both small and large fleets and because we specialise in buying, funding, managing and maintaining a significant number of vehicles, we can produce considerable savings for all clients and these are reflected in our highly competitive rates. 

Our staff is highly specialised in everything that concerns your company fleets. It provides all services you ask for - fast, in a friendly way and with great professionalism. 

We are able to listen to any matter concerning your company cars, talk with you and provide you with immediate and reliable solutions, based on our many years of experience on the field of 
Operational Leasing .

Hertz Lease Bulgaria may offer to your Company every possible solution for your car fleet, coming from our capability to provide:

          1. Complete Operational Leasing Services, for brand new vehicles, of your choice.
          2. Extensive Fleet Management Services, for your existing car fleet.
          3. Flexible programs for “Sale and Lease back“, of your current car fleet.

For more details, please check out our electronic brochure and also see our special offers. 

For information and organizing a business meeting please contact us at : +359 2 439 02 25 or use our e-mail: LTR@hertz.bg.