Van Hire with Hertz

Hertz offers its customers several services in order to make hiring a van easier and more comfortable. Van hire is the best solution for travels related to relocation, trade exhibitions, business or holiday. Van hire services with us are safe, efficient, reliable and affordable. Vans of different makes and models are available and you can rent a van from a wide range of vehicles. 

With Hertz's Rent a Van service you can hire for as long as you need it (up to 12 month) and does not require a professional driving license. 

Hertz Rent A Van is ideal for: 

• Professionals or companies, that want to cover any additional transportation needs or replace a vehicle due to damage. 
• Individuals, that want to move their personal belongings at any time, fast and easy. 

Hertz van fleet consists of 3 different vehicle categories (V2,V3 & V4), all with diesel engines designed to meet the different needs of each client. 

Just choose the van the meets your needs and book now either at, or call us at +359 2/ 439 02 22.

HERTZ Rent-a-car provides light commercial vehicles and VANS for rent in all locations in the country. Load busses and vans can also be delivered to any address you specify.

Tips to drive your van safely 

When it comes to driving a van, you should always have in mind: 

  • The width, length and height of a van are very different from a car's, so always pay great attention on these factors to avoid accidents.
  • The maximum weigth of the load should not exceed van's nominal payload.
  • A heavily loaded truck should be turned slowly, in order not to tip over.
  • Always check that the load is securely fastened, as the moving load can cause difficulty in driving and cause deadly accidents.
  • The larger and heavier the truck, the more time it takes to stop, especially on wet or icy roads.
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Payload 610kg
Volume 2.5m3
Load space dimensions (LxWxH) 1.62 m x 1.48 m x 1.24 m


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Payload 650kg
Volume 3m3
Load space dimensions (LxWxH) 1.47m x 1.21m x 1.12m


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Payload 750kg
Volume 3.3m3
Load space dimensions (LxWxH) 1.85m x 1.08-1.18m x 1.09m


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Payload 1400kg
Volume 10m3
Load space dimensions (LxWxH) 3.04m x 1.88/1.78m


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Payload 1530kg
Volume 13m3
Load space dimensions (LxWxH) 3.73m x 1.76m x 1.89m


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