Plovdiv is one of the most interesting and attractive for tourist city in Bulgaria. In the city center could be found ancient excavations from Roman Empire as well as the Muslim church called Djumajata in the center of the town, which is evidence for the good and peaceful relations of different religions and cultures in Plovdiv. In Plovdiv is the only one Ancient Theater in Bulgarian – it is preserved and nowadays it is in use for cultural events – concerts, operas and plays. Plovdiv is renowned with its cultural life – theaters, galleries, handicraftsmen, applied arts, painters, and poets. Prominent area in Plovdiv filled with many, many restaurants, cafes and shops is called Kapana. You should not missed visiting it, when you are in Plovdiv. Plovdiv was European capital of Culture in 2019. You can easily hire a car from the best car Rental Company in town – Hertz - and explore the city and the surroundings. You may go to close Spa and mountain resorts near Plovdiv. In Plovdiv Hertz have two locations from which you can hire you desired car – one is at the Plovdiv Airport, the other is at downtown office. You can book online the car you desire and choose from different categories - manual, automatic, multipurpose and VANs, 4x4 vehicles, Station Wagon, Mini Bus, Prestige – Luxury. 

The Ancient theatre of Philipoppol is one of the best-preserved ancient theatres in the World. The Ancient theatre of Philipoppol is among the most significant findings from the Roman period.

Nowadays, the Ancient theatre is symbolical for Plovdiv and adjusted to the city’s modern cultural life. It is operating as a stage of opera, music and drama.  Some of the best annual events are the International Folklore Festival, the Opera Festival "Opera Open", the Rock Festival "Sounds of Ages" and many others.

Car Rental Plovdiv - Hertz car hire in Plovdiv
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