Child car safety tips

1. Always in the rear seat

Children (up to 13 years old or up to 150cm tall) must always sit in the back at the special child seats, with the special seat belt. This can reduce deaths by 70% and injuries by road accidents by 67%. Always remember that the front seat is the most dangerous for children and the airbag opening can cause serious injuries or kill the child, even in a low-speed accident.

2. Child safety seat

Use the appropriate child seat, adapted to the age and weight of the child. The seat must have the signal "ECE R 4403" on the package. The baby carrier or basket does not replace the child seat.

3. The placement of the child seat

Place the child seat in the middle of the back seat. Avoid placing the child seat in a seat with an activated airbag. In case of a collision, the airbag can kill the child.

4. Do not hold the child in your arms or on your knees!

Do not hold the child on your knees or in your arms not even for a moment, even if you are sitting in the back seat. According to research, in cases when the child was in someone's arms and not in the child seat, there were high mortality rates, as it acted as the "protective shield" of the one who hold it.

5. Never have 2 children sharing the same seat belt.

Always use separate seat belts for each child. The use of a common seat belt for more than 1 child, cancels the usability of the seat belt and increases the risk in case of an accident.

6. The distance of the journey does not matter

Insure children in child seats even for the shortest distances. 75% of fatal accidents occur in the city.

7. Be the example!

Be the first to wear your seat belt. Being the example is the best education.

8. Check that the doors are locked

Make the proper check that the doors are locked and can be opened only from the outside. A significant percentage of children are fatally injured by falling out while they play at the back seat.

9. Creative activities

Be sure to check their movements at the back seats. Do not let them open the windows and stick their hands or their head out, even if the car remains stationary. Make sure that you have some creative toys for the kids in the car (soft toys, little fairy tales).

10. Do not let them alone in the car!

The car's exposure to the sunlight, even during days with mild temperatures, may cause a heatstroke, because infants and children are more vulnerable to rising temperatures. They lose more water due to the heat and their body temperature rises faster, putting them at a higher risk.

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