Prepare your car for summer!

Summer has arrived, the temperature has risen and the preparations for the summer holidays have already begun. However, there is something very important that you should not forget before starting your summer trip, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Proper preparation of your car for the hottest days of the year is necessary for it to cope with the difficult summer conditions. For a carefree summer, be sure to check the following.


It is important that your engine oils are at the right level, because this is how the engine is properly lubricated. To check the oil level, follow the procedure below: In a flat place, without starting the engine, take out the oil indicator, wipe it and put it back in place. You take it out again and you see the level that should be at the top (at least from the middle and up).

If you need to add oil, you should pour the same lubricant that you used in the change (it is useful to always have 1lt with us in the trunk). Follow a similar procedure for brake fluids. If access to the container is difficult, then visit your garage to avoid any damage.



Always with a cold engine, check the antifreeze tank which should be full of liquid until the manufacturer's indication; no more, because there will be put pressure on the system with further damage. Moreover, visually inspect the alternator belt and water pump.



With a sphygmomanometer - if you have - otherwise visit the nearest garage or a gas station - always check based on the table provided by the manufacturer (in addition to the manual, there is a sticker with the correct pressures on the driver's door or fuel plug). Do not forget that with less pressure you have higher fuel consumption, while with higher pressure you do not have good stability, nor good braking performance.

Check the tread of the tires and if they are worn, change them immediately. The same goes for the emergency spare tire, while you do not fail to check that the jack and its accessories are working properly.



It is recommended to replace your wipers every 6 months. Also, be sure to refill summer wiper fluid designed to remove insects and tar. Moreover, check and fill if necessary with a special -summer- liquid the washing container.



Check that all the interior and exterior lights of your car are working properly. This includes headlights, taillights, front and rear turn signals, alarms and brake lights. Also have a spare headlight with you.



According to most manufacturers, the car air conditioning system needs maintenance once a year. Freon renewal in the circuit, although not always necessary, should be done in order for the air condition to work properly and perform as best as possible.

That is, if you do not have the necessary amount of freon (indicated by the manufacturer in the manual and in the engine compartment) the air that will come out of the nozzles will not be cold enough, so the A / C will have to work at a higher volume, while increasing consumption but also depriving the engine of power.

Along with freon and almost every year, you will have to replace the cabin filter (or pollen filter). The latter cleans the outside air entering the cabin. If yours is there for a long time, then you will breathe microorganisms that you by no means want. In addition, if you notice unusual noises and smells, hurry to the garage.



If the battery is flooded type, check for fluids and top up if necessary. Also, it is good to have with you the so-called "crocodiles", which will be useful in case the battery runs out and you need to start the engine.

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